About Juub Juub

Juub Juub was founded by, Lauren – an Englishwoman living between Bangkok, Thailand and Southampton, England – who fell totally in love with the vintage markets and shops in the crazy city of Bangkok!  There are just so many beautiful and unusual vintage garments.  I collect pre-loved dresses from all over the world, and bring them back to the UK to sell at fairs, markets and festivals throughout the summer.  Sometimes it’s very hard to part with these beautiful items, as I want to keep them all!!  Clothing is sourced from the UK, Thailand, Korea, and many more of the items actually find their way here from Japan, Korea, China and Hong Kong.

Each item is individually hand picked, and if necessary laundered professionally repaired.  Juub Juub specialises in dresses: everything ranging from formal and evening wear, cocktail dresses, day dresses, sun dresses, and house dresses.   I also sometimes find other little beauties, such as jump suits shorts, shirts, skirts and jackets, belts, jewelry and other accessories.

Juub Juub’s garments are good quality and unique, with Asian designers often putting a quirky slant on their designs.  So if you like to be an individual, stand out from the crowd, or to own beautiful one-off, one-of-a-kind clothing… then Juub Juub is the place for you.

Furthermore, wearing and buying vintage clothing is a really great way to recycle.  Over 1 million tonnes of post-consumer textile waste is thrown away every year, and will eventually end up in landfill sites.  When you choose to buy second hand you are playing an active part in reducing over-consumption and waste by recycling and rejecting the concept of throw-away fashion.  Go green and buy vintage!

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Did you know…?

‘Juub juub’ (จูบจูบ) means “kiss kiss” in Thai.  It is a phrase commonly used between lovers, friends and close family members to express affection.  For example, at the end of a text message, letter or email in England we often write “xx” to give the reader a couple of little kisses.   However, in Thailand friends and lovers will often say “juub juub” to be cute or charming when they say hello or goodbye to their loved ones!